TAROCCHI by Mr Friborg Vintage

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TAROCCHI by Mr Friborg but with the charming aesthetics of a well used tarot deck  for those of us who love that particular vibe. It might help you get in the zone for your readings or you might simply prefer the aesthetic for your practice or for your visual work. 

TAROCCHI by Mr Friborg is a love letter to the old school tarot decks of a different era. Inspired by the classics, the artist has elected his favourite cards from a small selection of his preferred decks and added a unique twist, in order to put together this little gem of a deck. The result is an eclectic yet cohesive set of tarot cards that aims to be modern and timeless at the same time.

The cards in the Major Arcana as well as the court cards are directly inspired by classic tarot decks with only refreshing twists. The decks that have served as inspiration are The Soprafino, The Mitelli, The Minchiate, The Neoclassico, and the Etteilla Tarot. The Minor Arcana is more loosely inspired by the classics as well, and there are many nods to other classics such as the RWS and the Tarot de Marseille.  All of the artwork has been redrawn by Mr Friborg in order to achieve a sense of cohesiveness throughout the deck. 

PLEASE NOTE: The cards in the images are only digital renderings of the actual cards. The actual cards will be slightly different.